Steam Extraction Service

Car interior upholstery

Vapor steam can be used  to clean glass, auto upholstery, carpets, leather, wheels, grills, door jambs and more. A vapor steamer is a great tool to have when providing auto detailing services because it makes car cleaning fast and efficient.  Vapor steam will clean the dirtiest car interiors, saving time in the process.   Vapor steam cleaner is great for use on car interior cracks and crevices, vents and other sensitive areas in car interiors.

Car interior upholstery

On seats, steam re-hydrates, conditions and restores leather and does a fantastic job on water-sensitive fabrics.  The new generation of steam cleaners can safely clean surface materials like since they produce steam with a very low water content (only 5%), which will leave the surface dry.   Steaming is also the best method for removing dye transfer from leather seats.

 Car carpets

Deep clean, remove stains and restore carpets by removing spills and dirt using the cleaning power of steam. The heat from the steam removes dirt and odors from the carpet and the bristles will lift the fibers of the carpet to rejuvenate the overall look of the carpet. The carpet only takes a few minutes to dry after cleaning. Vacuum afterwards for perfect lines.  With these advancements in steam cleaning most carpets dry in just minutes.

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